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Sahand Sohrabi, MD

Breast and Body Radiologist

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Medical / Graduate School Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 1999-2007
Residency Internal Medicine Intern - UPMC, 2012-2013
Radiology Resident - UPMC, 2013-2015
Radiology Resident - University of Texas at Houston, 2015-2017
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship
& Programs
Clinical Interest Breast Imaging
Body Imaging
Research Interest Breast Imaging
Selected Publications   S. Sohrabi, M. Hope, D. Saloner, A. Keedy, D. Yeager, M. Lorca, K. Ordovas." Left atrial transverse diameter on computed tomography angiography can accurately diagnose left atrial enlargement in patients with atrial fibrillation". J Thoracic Imaging, 2015 Jan.

S. Sohrabi, Z. Devcic , M N Lorca, A W Keedy , M D Hope, D Saloner, K Ordovaz. Left atrial transvere diameter on chest CT Scan can accurately diagnose left atrial enlargement . Oral presentation at RSNA 2012 and ARRS 2012.

D. Saloner, V. Rayz, A. Martin, S. Sohrabi, W. Young, M. Lawton, W. Smith, R. Higashida. Serial monitoring of intracranial aneurysms and correlation of aneurysm evolution with hemodynamics . Oral presentation at ISMRM 2012.

S. Sohrabi , M. Nouraie , H. Khademi , S. Baghizadeh , S. Nasseri-Moghaddam , R. Malekzadeh. Epidemiology of Uninvestigated Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Adolescents; a Population Based Study Applying the Rome II Questionnaire. J Pediatr
Gastroenterol Nutr, 2010 Jul; 51(1): 41-5.

F. Dehghani, R. Ansari, S. Sohrabi, S. Merat, H. Asl-Soleimani, R.
Malekzadeh.Screening Colonoscopy in First-degree Relatives Of Colorectal CancerPatients; a Preliminary Report. Poster presented at United European Gastroenterology Week 2009.

R. Ansari , S. Sohrabi, H. Amjadi, O. Ghanaie, S. Merat, H. Vahedi, R. Malekzadeh.Comparison of Colonic Transit Time between Patients with Constipation Predominant IBS and Functional Constipation; A Case-Control Study. Poster presented at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2008.

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