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W. Barry Edwards, PhD

Assistant Professor

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Education University of North Carolina, Asheville, NC-B.S.-1985-Chemistry

Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL-M.S.-1990-Organic Chemistry

Washington University, St. Louis, MO-Ph.D.-1999 Bioorganic Chemistry

University of North Carolina
Medical / Graduate School Florida State University, MS
Washington University, PhD
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship
Current American Chemical Society (1986-present)
Society of Molecular Imaging (2008-present)
Society of Nuclear Medicine (2010-present)
& Programs
Nuclear Medicine
Clinical Interest
Research Interest Development optical probes for optical imaging of enzyme activity

Development of phage displayed and combinatorial peptide libaries for discovery of ligands for molecular imaging

Selected Publications   1)Spradau TW, Edwards WB, Anderson CJ, Welch MJ, Katzenellenbogen JA: Synthesis and biological evaluation of Tc-99m-cyclopentadienyltricarbonyltechnetium-labelled octreotide. Nuclear Medicine and Biology, 1999; 26: 1.

2)Edwards WB, Anderson CJ, Fields GB, Welch MJ: Evaluation of radiolabeled type IV collagen fragments as potential tumor imaging agents. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2001; 12: 1057.

3)Edwards WB, Reichert DE, dAvignon DA, Welch MJ: beta-cyclodextrin dimers as potential tumor pre-targeting agents. Chemical Communications, 2001; 1312.

4)Edwards WB, Xu B, Akers W, Cheney PP, Liang K, Rogers BE, Anderson CJ, Achilefu S: Agonist-Antagonist dilemma in molecular imaging: evaluation of a monomolecular multimodal imaging agent for the somatostatin receptor. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2008;19: 192.

5)Zhang Z; Fan J, Cheney PP, Berezin M, Akers W, Shen D, Edwards WB, Culver J, Achilefu S: Homologous Donor-Acceptor Near-Infrared FRET System for Monitoring Enzyme Activities. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2009,6; 416.

6)Edwards WB, Akers WJ, Ye Y, Cheney PP, Bloch S, Laforest R, Achilefu S: Multimodal imaging of integrin receptor-positive tumor by bioluminescence, fluorescence, gamma scintigraphy, and SPECT methods using a cyclic RGD peptide labeled with a near infrared fluorescent dye and a radionuclide. Molecular Imaging, 2009; 8:101

7)Berezin MY, Guo K, Teng B, Edwards WB, Anderson CJ, Vasalatiy O, Gandjbakhche A, Griffiths GL, Achilefu S: Radioactivity-Synchronized Fluorescence Enhancement Using a Radionuclide Fluorescence-Quenched Dye. J American Chemical Society, 2009; 131:9198.

8)Lee H, Cheney PP, Akers WJ, Edwards WB, Liang K, Achilefu S: Integrin-targeted dual PET/DOT probe for in vivo tumor imaging and caspase 3-activity via an efficient fluorescence quenching mechanism. J Biomedical Optics, 2009; 14: 040507.

9)Chen R, Parry JJ, Akers WJ, Achilefu S, Edwards WB, Rogers BE: Multimodality imaging of gene transfer using a receptor-based reporter gene. J Nucl Med, 2010; 51: 1456.

10)Solomon M, Guo K, Sudlow G, Berezin M, Edwards WB, Achilefu S, Akers, W Detecton of enzyme activity in orthotopic murine breast cancer by fluorescence lifetime imaging using FRET-based molecular probes, J Biomedical Optics, 2011 in press.

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