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William Rothfus, MD

Clinical Professor

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Education Medical School: University of Rochester, 1976

Residency: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, 1980

Fellowship: Neuroradiology, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1981
Allegheny College
Medical / Graduate School University of Rochester, MD
University of Pittsburgh, MBA
Residency University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship Neuroradiology, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Current Radiological Society of North America
American Society of Neuroradiology
American Society of Spine Radiology
American Society of Head and Neck Radiology
Eastern Neuroradiological Society

& Programs
Clinical Interest Skullbase imaging-Expanded Endonasal Skullbase Surgery
Pituitary Imaging
Orbital Imaging
Spine Interventions- image guided
Research Interest Skullbase imaging-Expanded Endonasal Skullbase Surgery
Pituitary Imaging
Orbital Imaging
Spine Interventions- image guided
Selected Publications   Bartynski WS, Grahovac SZ, Rothfus WE, Cervical Discography Performed with a Prong Deflector For Improved Access to the Cervical Disc Spaces. AJNR, 26:1004-1008, 2005

Bartynski WS, Whitt D, Sheetz MA, Jennings RB, Rothfus WE. Lower Cervical Nerve Root Block Using CT Fluoroscopy in Patients with Large Body Habitus: Another Benefit of the Swimmers Position. AJNR, 28:706-708, 2007.

Bartynski WS, Rothfus WE. Pain Improvement After Intra-Diskal Lidocaine Administration in Provocation Lumbar Diskography: Association with Diskographic Contrast Leakage. AJNR, 28:1259-65, 2007.

Boardman JF, Rothfus WE, Dulai HS. Lesions and Pseudolesions of the Cavernous Sinus and Petrous Apex. Otolaryngol Clin North Am, 2008.41(1): 195-214.

Gardner PA, Kassam AB, Rothfus WE, Snyderman CH, Carrau RL. Preoperative and Intraoperative Imaging for Endoscopic Endonasal Approaches to the Skull Base. Otolaryngol Clin North Am, 41(1): 215-30. 2008.

Bartynski WS, Rothfus WE, Kurs-Lasky M. Postdiskogram CT Features of Lidocaine-Sensitive and Lidocaine-Insensitive Severely Painful Disks at Provocation Lumbar Diskography. AJNR, 29(8):1455-1460, 2008.

Kang M, Escott EJ, Rothfus WE. The MRI Appearance of the Vascular Pedicle Nasoseptal Flap. AJNR, 30:781-786, 2009.

Bartynski WS, Kang M, Rothfus WE. Adjacent double nerve root contribution in unilateral lumbar radiculopathy. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol 2010;31:327-333.

Dulai HS, *Bartynski WS, Rothfus WE, Gerszten PC. Provocation lumbar diskography at previously fused lumbar levels.Interventional Neuroradiology 2010, 16:326-335

Ouyang T, Rothfus WE, Ng JM, Challinor SM. Pituitary Imaging. Radiology Clinics of North America.Imaging and Endocrinology, 2011, 49(3):549-571

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