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Wendie Berg, MD, PhD, FACR


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Stanford University: BS with Honors in Biological Sciences and Chemistry '81; MS Biological Sciences '81
Medical / Graduate School Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: MD, PhD '87
Residency Johns Hopkins Hospital, Diagnostic Radiology
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship Johns Hopkins Hospital, Abdominal Imaging, mini fellowship in Breast Imaging
Current Member, Pennsylvania Radiological Society (2011-present)
Fellowship American College of Radiology, elected 9/05/2006
Diplomate, American Board of Radiology(1992-present)
Fellow, Society of Breast Imaging (1998-present)
American Roentgen Ray Society (1990-present)
American College of Radiology (1988-present)
Radiological Society of North America (1988-present)

& Programs
Nuclear Medicine
Digital Imaging
Clinical Interest Risk assessment and breast density
Supplemental screening for breast cancer based on risk
Comparative effectiveness of new technologies in breast imaging
Research Interest Shear wave elastography to reduce false positives on screening breast ultrasound
Correlation of shear wave elastography with prognostic factors and treatment response
Comparison of tomosynthesis and ultrasound for cancer detection
Comparison of molecular breast imaging and MRI for contralateral screening in women with newly diagnosed breast cancer
Selected Publications   Berg WA. Beyond standard mammographic screening: mammography at age extremes, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging. Radiol Clin N Amer 2007, 45:895-906.

Berg WA, Blume JD, Cormack J, Mendelson EB, Lehrer D, Bohm-Velez M, Pisano ED, Jong R, Evans WP, Morton M, Mahoney M, Hovanessian Larsen L, Barr RG, Farria D, Marques H, Boparai K, and the ACRIN 6666 Investigators. Combined screening with ultrasound and mammography compared to mammography alone: results of the first-year screen in ACRIN 6666. JAMA, 2008, 299:2151-2163.

Berg WA. Tailored Supplemental Screening for Breast Cancer: What Now and What Next? AJR, 2009;192:390-399.

Berg WA, Blume JD, Adams A, Jong RA, Barr RG, Lehrer DE, Pisano ED, Evans WP, Mahoney M, Larsen LH, Gabrielli G, Mendelson EB. Reasons women at elevated risk of breast cancer refuse a screening breast MRI examination: ACRIN 6666. Radiology, 2010, 254:79-87.

Kalinyak JE, Schilling K, Berg WA, Narayanan D, Mayberry JP, Rai R, DuPree EB, Shusterman DK, Gittleman MA, Luo W, Matthews CG. PET-guided breast biopsy. The Breast Journal, 2011;17:143-151, e-pub 1/31/2011.

Berg WA, Sechtin AG, Marques H, Zheng Z. Cystic Breast Masses and the ACRIN 6666 Experience. Radiol Clinics N Amer, 2010, 48:931-987.

Berg WA, Madsen KS, Schilling K, Tartar M, Pisano ED, Larsen LH, Narayanan D, Ozonoff A, Miller JP, Kalinyak JE. Comparative effectiveness of positron emission mammography and MRI for presurgical planning of the ipsilateral breast in women with breast cancer. Radiology 2011;258:59-72, epub 11/12/2010.

Narayanan D, Madsen KS, Kalinyak JE, Berg WA. Interpretation of Positron Emission Mammography: Feature Analysis and Rates of Malignancy. AJR, 2011;196:956-970.

Berg WA, Cosgrove DO, Dor CJ, Schfer F, Svensson W, Hooley R, Ohlinger R, Mendelson EB, Balu-Maestro C, Locatelli M, Tourasse C, Cavanaugh B, Juhan V, Stavros AT, Tardivon A, Gay J, Henry J-P, Cohen-Bacrie C, for the BE1 Investigators. Shearwave Elastography Improves the Specificity of Breast Ultrasound: The BE1 Multinational Study of 939 Masses. Radiology 2012;262:435-449

Berg WA, Zhang Z, Lehrer D, Jong RA, Pisano ED, Barr RG, Bhm-Vlez M , Mahoney MC, Evans III WP, Larsen LH, Morton MJ, Mendelson EB, Farria DM, Cormack JB, Marques HS, Adams A, Yeh NM, and Gabriell G, for the ACRIN 6666 Investigators. Detection of Breast Cancer with Addition of Annual Screening Ultrasound or a Single Screening MRI to Mammography in Women with Elevated Breast Cancer Risk. JAMA 2012;307:1394-1404

Conners AL, Maxwell RW, Tortorelli CL, Hruska CB, Rhodes DJ, Boughey JC, Berg WA. Gamma camera molecular breast imaging lexicon: a pictorial review. AJR, in press
Honors and  
Best Doctor, Pittsburgh Magazine, Pittsburghs Best Doctors, April 2012

Honorary Fellow of The Austrian Roentgen Society (elected 2011)

2012 Global Breast Cancer Medical Achievement Award, the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade (named May 2012)
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