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Stephen Wallace, DO


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Medical / Graduate School Ohio University '18
Residency Transitional Year- Crozer Chester Medical Center, Upland, PA
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship
Current American Board of Radiology (2019-present)
American College of Radiology (2019-present)
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Selected Publications   Klichinsky, M., Ruella, M., Shestova, O., Lu, X., Best, A., Zeeman, M., Schmierer, M., Gabrusiewicz, K., Anderson, N., Petty, N., Cummins, K., Shen, F., Shan, X., Veliz, K., Blouch, K., Yashiro-Ohtani, Y., Kenderian, S., Kim, M., O'Connor, M., Wallace, S., Kozlowski, M., Marchione, D., Shestov, M., Garcia, B., June, C., Gill, S. Human chimeric antigen receptor macrophages for cancer immunotherapy. Nat Biotechnol (2020).

Wallace S, Towbin RB, Towbin AJ. Osteopoikilosis. Appl Radiol (2019).
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