PET: Facility Service Agreement

The University of Pittsburgh PET Facility supports a variety of investigators and associated research projects that include initial radioligand discovery efforts, preclinical imaging as well as clinical research endeavors. As the majority of the PET Facility’s operating budget is tied to these collaborative efforts, it is imperative that investigators involve the PET Facility faculty and staff in the prospective design of studies that might utilize PET Facility resources. In the past there have been many examples of investigators that create studies and apply for funding without involving the PET Facility in the design and budgeting aspects of the proposal. Unfortunately, all too often this leads to issues regarding the eventual implementation of the desired study.

As a result of these past difficulties, please make all of your faculty who might desire to utilize PET Facility resources aware that, effective September 1, 2020, any proposed funding submission that utilize any PET Facility resources must have a current and proposal-specific service agreement in place prior to the funding submission.

If the proposed research project would require the services of the PET Facility Radiochemistry group related to the implementation of a PET radiopharmaceutical that is not currently available to support the proposed research project, please be aware that there must be a discussion with the Head of PET Radiochemistry related to implementation costs prior to the submission of a funding proposal.

If the proposed project plans to utilize the resources of the Data Analysis and Modeling group headed by Brian Lopresti, please be aware that a discussion related to the level of support and associated cost(s) must be held with Mr. Lopresti prior to the submission of a funding proposal.

The PET Facility will not be obligated to provide research support at a reduced rate or make other adjustments to PET Facility research costs to address any budget shortfalls that might result from the inclusion of inaccurate budget information in a proposal that was the result of the use of any budgetary information other than information included in a current and proposal-specific service agreement.

Please email PET Facility Service Agreement to James Ruszkiewicz ( or Kathie Antonetti (

The following information will be required to finalize a service agreement:

Study/Project Title:
Funding source:
Number of participants to be scanned:
Number of scan sessions per participant (i.e. baseline, 24 months, etc.):
Radiopharmaceutical(s) to be used:
Projected start date:
Planned end date:
A copy of your PET imaging protocol

DOWNLOAD PET Service Agreement PET Service Agreement Form

If the proposed project requires support by the PET Facility Data Analysis and Modeling group,
please contact Mr. Brian Lopresti (

If the prosed project requires the use of a PET radiopharmaceutical that is not currently approved for human use at the PET Facility,please contact N. Scott Mason (

List of currently available PET radiopharmaceuticals PET Radiopharmaceuticals