PET Fellowship

The PET fellowship curriculum trains nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists to acquire skills, knowledge, and judgment pertinent to PET-CT clinical imaging and interpretation. In addition, research opportunities in the use of experimental PET radiopharmaceuticals in novel cancer therapy trials and the role of PET-CT and PET-MR imaging biomarkers for early cancer therapy response assessment are available. UPMC is a world leader in research and development of both instrumentation (the first PET/CT scanner was invented at UPMC) and radiotracers (over 100 radiolabeled compounds for human and animal use, including Pittsburgh Compound B (PiB)). Animal resources include a pre-clinical PET/CT suite and state-of-the-art radiochemistry laboratory, Inveon small animal PET/CT (Siemens) scanner. For human imaging, both clinical and research, four GE PET/CT scanners (8- and 16-slice; two new 64-slice Discovery VCT), a Siemens HR+ brain PET scanner, and a Siemens mMR Biograph PET/MR system are available. In addition, a dedicated brain workstation is equipped with advanced SPM and normal database statistical software for analysis of dementia, epilepsy and brain tumor.

PET Fellowship Program Contact:
Tiffany Sparrow