UPMC Radiology to Install the Revolutionary Design PET Scanner Quadra

UPMC Radiology in partnership with the Hillman cancer center will be the first academic institution in the country to install the novel revolutionary design Siemens Vision Quadra® PET-CT scanner at its Pittsburgh Shadyside campus. This unconventional scanner is touted to offer a unique whole-body perspective and ultra-fast molecular imaging. The name Quadra® stems from its intrinsic capability equivalent to 4 traditional PET-CT scanners. This 106cm axial PET field-of-view will enable clinicians and researchers scan patients in one position and to dynamically follow tracer kinetics throughout the body. Also, this state-of-the-art design boasts best-in-class time-of-flight performance with unrivaled PET sensitivity. From tumor perfusion over time, to diverse pathophysiologic processes, Quadra® promises to expand a world of new opportunities, never been possible before in academic research and cancer imaging.

In addition to unsurpassed image quality and immense research potential, radiologists will also be able to scan patients with low doses of radiotracers in extremely short amounts of time, which will translate to great patient satisfaction and reduced radiation exposure.