Implementation of NI-RADS (Neck Imaging Reporting and Data System) at the ENT Imaging Center of Excellence

The ENT Imaging Center of Excellence was created 2 years ago to provide subspecialized on-site interpretations of head and neck imaging examinations, in order to optimize service for patients and clinicians. Interpretation of head and neck imaging is challenging due to the complex anatomy of the neck, particularly following cancer treatment. Interpretation and surveillance regimens are not standardized across institutions. As members of the American College of Radiology NI-RADS Committee, Drs. Barton Branstetter and Tanya Rath have collaborated with the committee Chair, Dr. Aishely Aiken of Emory University, and other head and neck radiologists from across the country, to develop standardized reporting of CT, PET/CT and MRI in patients with head and neck cancer. The reporting system has been implemented into routine daily practice at the ENT Imaging Center of Excellence in an effort to provide patient centered, data-driven and outcomes based reporting that can be used to drive surveillance regimens and treatment.