2021-07-22 MRRC: Matlab on Prisma 1 Eprime PC

July 22, 2021

Dear MRRC Users,

This email applies to you only if you scan at the MRRC on Prisma 1 and you are using Matlab on the Stimulus Presentation Computer (or what we commonly refer to as the Eprime PC).

Matlab 2018b is the standard version of Matlab that we have been running on the Eprime PCs here at the MRRC for some time now. Recently, we added a newer version of Matlab (2020a) to the Stimulus Presentation Computer in the Prisma 1 control room. However, it is not set up for general use and we are currently just testing the program, so we do not intend for users to be running it now. However, you may find that your individual User defaults for Matlab experiments (the *.m files) may have switched from Matlab 2018b to Matlab 2020a as the default program. If so, you should make sure to change them back to Matlab 2018b so that Matlab will continue to run your experiments properly.

You can change your default program back to Matlab 2018b by right clicking on your Matlab program (the file with the *.m extension) and associate all *.m files with Matlab 2018b.

You can associate all Matlab related files back to Matlab 2018b by going to the Windows Start Menu and opening the Control Panel, then select Default Programs, then Set your default programs; from there you would select the program Matlab 2018b and check all files to associate back to it.

When you open a Matlab program, make sure that the program says in the top bar that you are running Matlab 2018b.

If you have questions, email Steve Hegedus at sjh38@pitt.edu. You can also text or call me at 412-298-0964.

Thank you,