2021-04-05 MRRC: DWI Resource with Dr. Versace

April 05, 2021

Good afternoon:

Are you interested in acquiring diffusion data to investigate white matter connectivity but need help getting started or proceeding with analyses? We are announcing a resource for MRRC users acquiring diffusion data (e.g., DWI, tensor models, multicompartimental models). Dr. Amelia Versace will provide consultation on the following aspects of diffusion data:

    1. Acquisition
    2. Assistance on identifying and correcting past phase encoding problems
    3. Guidance on how to harmonize between Prismas
    4. Guidance on pre and post processing DWI data including workshops

Please contact Amelia versacea@upmc.edu to discuss how to best help with your diffusion studies.

Bea Luna and Ashok Panigrahy