2020-10-30 MRRC: New Fixed Schedule goes into Effect

October 30, 2020

Greetings MRRC Research Community,

Thank you to everyone that completed the MRRC surveys, the response was very helpful in assisting us to create a more dense schedule.

Attached is the new fixed schedule that will go into effect on December 1st, 2020 for 6 months, unless we are required to move back to a more strict schedule due to the virus. We plan to reassess in February 2020 to see if more slots can be created.

We are still required to have 30 minutes between each scan for cleaning and allow the room to rest. It is imperative that studies do not run over their scheduled time, if a scan runs over it will need to abbreviated. We ask that for cooperation from all users.

Due to the potential of having to move backyards, the fixed schedule will be completed for 30 days in advance.

Also, due to low utilization on Saturday’s we will only have fixed slots for Prisma 1, slots in the morning for Prisma 2, 3 and the 7T are available by request only.

Please only request the time if you have identified a subject, slots that are not confirmed within 4 hours of approval will be canceled and opened back up.

    • An investigator agreement is required for all studies before being allowed to schedule, the document located here.
    • Please check with your staff to ensure they are receiving MRRC communications, if not please let me know.
    • Our Communications and Policies are available on our website.

Please click on images to download or view full form.

Very Respectfully,
Jennifer Dobberstein
MRRC Operations Coordinator