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Former UPMC Resident Wants Giving to Set Example for Others

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Jeffery Hogg

Jeffery Paul Hogg, MD

The time I spent as a resident and fellow at UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh Department of Radiology was transformative. I arrived at UPMC as an inexperienced medical school graduate. Although I didn’t know it at the time, the program would serve as the most genuine training experience of my life.

We were quickly shown that UPMC’s standard for excellence was an expectation we should strive for in our everyday work. I learned from skilled, learner-centered educators. It was during this time that my mentors opened my eyes to the possibility of pursuing a career as a physician-educator. And, as I sit here 35 years later, I can’t help but smile that that possibility flowered into a fulfilling 33-year career as a board-certified radiologist practicing in a university teaching hospital.

During my time at UPMC, I made lifelong friendships with secretaries, nurses, technologists, residents, and fellows. I had the pleasure of watching learners evolve into practicing faculty members. And to this day, when I travel to meetings and see former UPMC colleagues, the spark of friendship warmly glows.

As you can probably tell, I’m incredibly grateful for my time at UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh, which is why I decided to give back. I made a pledge gift as well as a planned gift through my estate, which will support radiology residents and fellows in their mission work and support the expenses for shared research work. While current circumstances have barred travel, residents have previously been engaged in teaching radiology in places that do not have well-developed systems of medical care delivery.

It is also important to ‘pay it forward’ to provide opportunities for equitable access to education. A child of two public school teachers, the availability of scholarship support during college, medical school, and residency were paramount. The playing field should even, so everyone can have a chance.

I hope my gift can set an example for others. I feel an extreme sense of gratitude and a need to give back to our institutions that have connected me with individuals who have served as positive and formative influences in my life. If we extend thinking beyond the maintenance and restoration of health, we can see that affording excellent educational and training opportunities to others is another important way to help people live their best lives.

Click here to make your gift to the Department of Radiology, or contact Laura Latini for more information.