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Judith Joyce, MD

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Education University of Texas San Antonio Nursing School, 1979

University of Texas San Antonio Medical School, 1983

Radiology Residency - University of Virginia, 1987

Nuclear Medicine Fellowship - University of Kentucky, 1988

University of Texas at San Antonio
Medical / Graduate School University of Texas at San Antonio
Residency University of Virginia Medical Center
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship Nuclear Medicine, University of Kentucky Medical Center
Current Radiologic Society of North America (2011 to present)
American College of Radiology (1989 - present)
Society of Nuclear Medicine (1989 - present)
& Programs
Nuclear Medicine
Clinical Interest Nuclear Medicine - therapies, PET imaging
Research Interest Nuclear Medicine - including lymphoma therapies, liver cancer therapies, radiation dose from nuclear medicine/CT and PET/CT
Selected Publications   1.Hwang M, Joyce J, Hou J, Klein H. Unsuspected Pneumonia detected by Increased Lung Uptake on In-111 Ibritumomab Tiuxetan Scan. Accepted by Clinical Nuclear Medicine, April, 2012.

2.Bural G, Joyce J, Ohr J. Rare Case of Primary Pulmonary Extranodal Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in a Patient with in Sjogrens Syndrome: Role of FDG-PET/CT in the Initial Staging and Evaluating Response to Treatment. Accepted by Molecular Imaging and Radionuclide Therapy, January 2012.

3.Woodard J, Bencherif B, Clavell M, Joyce J. Dicyclomine: Cause of Abnormally Decreased Gall Bladder Ejection Fraction with Sincalide Stimulated Hepatobiliary Scintigraphy, Clinical Nuclear Medicine, 37(1):82-5, January 2012. PMID:22157036.

3. Nace, G, Steel, J, Amesur,N, Zajko, A, Nastasi, B, Joyce, J, Sheetz, M, Gamblin T.C., Yttrium-90 Radioembolization for Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases: A Single Institution Experience, accepted for publication in the Annals of Surgical Oncology, December 2010.

4. Setlick, D, Joyce, J, Jacobs, S. Incidental Detection of Mammographically Occult Invasive Lobular Breast Carcinoma on PET/CT in a Patient with Lymphoma, Clinical Nuclear Medicine, Volume 34, Number 12, December, 2009.

5. Badr, A, Joyce, J, Durick, J. Rim of FDG Uptake Around a Pulmonary Infarct on PET/CT in a Patient with Unsuspected Pulmonary Embolism, Clinical Nuclear Medicine, Volume 34, Number 5, May, 2009.

6. Jacobs S, Harrison A, Swerdlow S, Foon K, Avril N, Vidnovic N, Joyce J, McCarty K, DeMonaco N. Radioisotopic localization of 90Yttrium-ibritumomab Tiuxetan in patients with CD Hodgkins lymphoma. Mol Imaging Biol (2008) DOI 10.1007/s11307-008-01-0170-3.

7. Jacobs SA, Jankowitz R, Land SR, DeMonaco N, Joyce J, Evans T, Luong TM, Schaefer P, Swerdlow SH, Kant J, Foon KA. Phase II trial of short-course CHOP-R followed by 90Y-ibritumomab Tiuxetan and extended rituximab in previously untreated follicular lymphoma. Clin Cancer Res 2008;14(21), 2008

8. Jankowitz R, Joyce J, Jacobs SA. A case of anaphylaxis following administration of ibritumomab tiuxetan for follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Clin Nucl Med 33(2), 2008.

9. Mountz, J, Muthukrishnan, A, Bencherif, B, McCook, B, Joyce J, Foon, K, Laymon, C, Frasher, D, Deeb, R, Herberman, R. An administrative Structure for integration of multimodality image implementation and tumor metric analysis for early assessment of therapeutic response in cancer by Image Response Assessment Teams. J Nucl Med Meeting Abstracts, May 2008;49:340P.

10. OTuama, L, Joyce, J, Muthukrishnan, A, Meza, M, Mountz, J. Imaging pediatric lymphoma and other non-Cns tumors with PET/CT the impact of moving to PET/CT with a diagnostic quality CT component Experience at Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh/University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. J Nucl Med. Meeting abstracts, May 2008;49:371P.

11. DeMonaco,, NA, McCarty, K, Joyce, J, Jacobs, S. Focal radiation Fibrosis After Radioimmunotherapy for Follicular Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Clinical Lymphoma and Myeloma, 7(5):369-372, 2007.

12. Shammas, Amer, Degirmenci, B, Mountz, J, McCook, B, Branstetter, B, Bencherif, B, Wouminatsev, S, Joyce, J, Carty, S, Kuffner, H, Avril, N. FDG-PET/CT in Patients with Suspected Recurrent or Metastatic Well-Differentiated Thyroid Cancer, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Vol. 48, no. 2, Feb., 2007.

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FACR - Fellow of the American College of Radiology
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