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Gordon Abrams, MD

Associate Professor

Interest (in 3 to 10 words):

Education Wesleyan University (CT), BA in Molecular Biology

& Biochemistry, 1991

University of Connecticut, MD, 1995

Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT)
Medical / Graduate School University of Connecticut
Residency Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh
Clinical / Post-doctoral Fellowship Womens Imaging, University of Pittsburgh
Current American College of Radiology
Pennsylvania Radiological Society UNiversity
Pittsburgh Mammographers Society
Pittsburgh Roentgen Society
Pennsylvania Radiological Society
& Programs
Digital Imaging
Clinical Interest Usefullness of screening breast MRI in the high risk setting
Research Interest The usefullness of tomosynthesis in the screening and diagnostic mammography settings.
Selected Publications   1. Neumann DP, Abrams GS, Hight DW. Testicular epidermoid cysts in prepubertal children: Case report and review of the world literature. J Ped Surg 1997; 32: 1786-1789.

2. Zheng B, Wang XH, Wallace L, Cohen C, Hardesty LA, Hakim CM, Abrams G, Sumkin JH, Gur D.

Improving CAD performance in detecting masses depicted on prior images. Proc SPIE 2003; 5032: 215-221.

3. Zheng B, Leader JK, Abrams G, Shindel B, Catullo V, Good WF, Gur D. Computer-aided detection schemes: The effect of limiting the number of cued regions in each case. AJR 2004;

182: 579-583.

4. Zheng B, Maitz GS, Ganott MA, Abrams G, Leader JK, Gur D. Performance and Reproducibility

of a Computerized Mass Detection Scheme for Digitized Mammography Using Rotated and Resampled Images: An Assessment. AJR 2005; 185: 194-198.

5. Gur D, Wallace LP, Klym AM, Hardesty LA, Abrams GS, Shah R, Sumkin JH. Trends in Recall, Biopsy, and Positive Biopsy Rates for Screening Mammography in an Academic Practice. Radiology 2005; 235: 396-401.

6. Mello-Thoms C, Britton C, Abrams G, Hakim C, Shah R, Hardesty L, Maitz G, Gur D. Head-mounted versus Remote Eye Tracking of Radiologists Searching for Breast Cancer: A Comparison. Acad Radiology 2006; 13: 203-209.

7. Zheng B, Abrams GS, Lu AH, Wallace LP, Leader JK, Maitz GS, Gur D. A Multi-view Based Computer-Aided Detection Scheme for Breast Mass Detection. Journal of Medical Physics 2006; 33 (9): 3135-3143.

9. Zheng B, Abrams G, Hardesty LA, Park SC, Drescher J, Maitz GS, Gur D. Mass Margins Spiculations: Agreement Between Ratings by Observers and a Computer Scheme. Proc. SPIE Medical Imaging 2007; 6514: 65141P1-P8.

10. Zheng B, Abrams G, Britton C, Hakim CM, Lu A, Clearfield RJ, Drescher J, Matiz GS, Gur D. Evaluation of an Interactive Computer-Aided Diagnosis (ICAD) System for Mammography: A Pilot Study. Proc. SPIE Medical Imaging 2007; 6515: 65151M1-M-8.

11. Zheng B, Mello-Thoms C, Wang, X, Abrams G, Sumkin JH, Chough DM, Ganott MA, Lu A, Gur D. Interactive Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Breast Masses: Computerized Selection of Visually Similar Image Sets From a Reference Library. Acad Radiology 2007; 14:917-927

12. Good W, Abrams G, Catullo V, Chough D, Ganott M, Hakim C. Digital Breast Tomo-synthesis A Pilot Observer Study. American Journal of Roentgenology, April 2008; 190(4): 865-869.

13. Zhing B, Zuley M, Sumkin J, Catullo V, Abrams G, Rathfon G, Chough D, Gruss, M, Gur D. Detection of Breast Abnormalities Using a Prototype Resonance Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy System: A Preliminary Study. Medical Physics, July 2008; 35 (7): 3041-3048.

14. Gur D, Abrams GS, Chough DM, Ganott MA, Hakim CM, Perrin RL, Rathfon GY, Sumkin JH, Zuley ML, Bandos AI. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis An Observer Performance Study. American Journal of Roentgenology. August 2009; 193:586-591.

15. Gur D, Bandos A, Abrams G, Cohen C, Drescher J, Rockette H. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Time to Diagnosis and Performance During Repeat Interpretations. Acad Radiology 2010, 17(4):450-455.

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