MRRC: Educational Information

Over the past year or so, it has become clear that there is a strong interest within our users to take advantage of some of the more recent developments in the field of MRI. However, it can be challenging to integrate these advances in our research when they represent new directions or measurement methods that we may not be familiar with. This is especially true when planning grants, as small details or specifics of the methods can present major challenges during grant review.

To begin to address this issue, the MRRC will be hosting a series of lectures on new and emerging techniques. The lectures are designed to achieve 4 goals:
    1. familiarize the users with the basic technical aspects of the measurements;
    2. identify where the measurements are advantageous;
    3. identify what are the major limitations/hurdles/challenges of the methods; and
    4. provide plenty of time for discussion and questions.

Talk 1 Slides: Presented by Dr. Hoby Hetherington

Talk 4 Slides: Presented by Dr. Timothy Verstynen

Spatial Gradient of the Static Magnetic Field B0