Emergency Radiology Division

The first of its kind in an academic medical center in the US, the Emergency Radiology Division, also known as the “24/7” Division, was established in July 2008 in order to provide overnight subspecialty radiology services to the Emergency Departments throughout the UPMC health system. Our division has experienced rapid growth from the original 6 members to a current staffing model supporting 18 fellowship-trained radiologists (9 body and 9 neuro-radiologists).

We cover 15 UPMC hospitals throughout Western Pennsylvania, including two level 1 and two level 2 trauma centers, and six certified stroke centers. Our focus is toward the high-acuity patient with a predominantly cross-sectional workload of CT and MR imaging.

In addition to our clinical responsibilities, our academic mission is supported by teaching responsibilities with the UPMC Diagnostic-Radiology residency program, both at the work-station and more formally, in case-based and didactic lectures. We also work closely with our clinical colleagues in the ED and trauma teams with lecture series geared for non-radiologist trainees.

Members of the Division also participate in numerous other academic pursuits, and have been pivotal in the process of implementing safety oversight practice patterns as well as standardized cross sectional imaging protocols across the UPMC health system.