Won-Bin Young
Assistant Professor

Medical/Graduate School Iowa State University, Ames, IA
Clinical/Post-doctoral Fellowship Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
& Programs
Clinical Interest
Research Interest Gene Expression
Cellular metalloproteins, e.g. ferritin, can serve as MR imaging contrast agents because they store iron and then become paramagnetic. Expressing such MRI contrast agents using molecular cloning technique enables biologists to visualize and quantify gene activity in vivo using MRI. A high-resolution MR scanner can provide images of gene expression in three-dimensional (3D) format at near-cellular resolution in tissue or even whole animal alive throughout the life span to reveal the temporal and spatial nature of gene regulation. Dr. Won-Bin Young is using ferritin as MRI reporter to study the gene-environmental interaction.

Cell Tracking
Stem cell transplantation is the frontier of medical research. Different molecular imaging approaches enable us to understand the migration and differentiation of transplanted stem cells in vivo. A gene-based MRI reporter, such as ferritin, can be delivered by gene transfer for longitudinal study of stem cell proliferation.
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