Emergency and Teleradiology Division

Omar Almusa, MD
Assistant Professor of Radiology

Faculty List:

This is the third year that the 24x7 Teleradiology service are providing readings by specialty-trained radiologists in overnight shifts. This year the service piloted external service delivery through a contract with Mon Valley Hospital, expanded coverage to the Urgi-Care centers, and established new evening coverage for spine studies and plain films.

The Department expanded its 24x7 teleradiology program by introducing an evening plain film shift, covering all E.D. plain films generated from 5p-10p. The evening plain radiograph shift covers the academic zone, while community zones cover their own plain radiograph during the evening. Steps are being taken to even the work load by developing a MSK spine/plain radiograph shift in conjunction with the current plain radiograph shift that will be focused on chest imaging.

Sabol, Mercedes